While she was questing to level to 80 and over.
She just got the achievement Fo’ Grizzle My Shizzle.
Did whole Grizzle hills.. wich i dont like in questing 🙂

Got both the area achievements today.
For Western and Eastern Plaguelands.
So done that to 🙂

Doing good..
Another one.
Oké its kinda easy on an level 85 Death Knight.
I know… but still 🙂

And another one..
This time the Arathi Highlands done.
For little wizzy kins.

Wizzy got another low level quest achievement.
Going good, going good 🙂

Golden Packs.
Kill al the treasure goblins, they got nice stuff 🙂

Guardian Spirits.
This event is random to, didnt saw it before and now it was there.
So nice the randomness of Diablo 3, always finding something new.

Me, Myself & Eirena.
Just hire her when you got her.

Part 3 of the money achief.
Again just grab every money you can find and you will get it 🙂

Never seen that before.
Kill an Unique enemie.
Cant remember witch one I killed though.. will look it up.

Stolen moments.
The Scoundrel, hire him when you can.
I never walk with him, dont like his charater to be honest :S

The comfort of strangers.
When you hired al of the 3 followers, you get this one 😀

The jewel of the east.
An exploring achievement… this time for Caldeum.

The Rygnar Idol.
Found this one standing in an underground facility thingy.
Been there several times, never saw it.
And now saw it clicked it…

Till death do us part.
Made A new character to get this one 🙂
Because I always did the killing blow.
Was pretty hard to, she kept attacking me and my little Wizard was almost dead.
But couldnt do A thing because I would do to much damage.

Beastmaster of tristram.
Read al the Bestiary lore books in Act 1 : Wretched Mother, Risen Dead, Quill Fiend, Carrion Bat, Grotesque, Scavenger, Skeleton, Imp, Ghost, Unburied, Dark Beserker, Treasure Goblin, Carrion Nest, Beast, Wood Wraith, Dark Cultist, Ghoul, Hellion, Spiderling, Spider, Spider Queen, Withermoth, Khazra Shaman, Dark Vessel and the Butcher.

Just combine some gems at the jeweler.

Born to dye.
Buy a Dye and put it on an armor piece.

Butchered! Normal and Cooperative.
Kill the Butcher, as funny…. it was an boss in Diablo 2 to 🙂

Color Coordinated.
Color your Head, Shoulder, Torso, Legs, Feet and Hands with the same color dye.

Due decimation.
Kill 100 elites in cooperative game.
Doesnt matter if there a Champion, Rare of Unique.

Hero of Alcarnus.
Just free al of the prisoners 🙂

I got what you need.
Just give al your followers an token.

In the loupe.
Give the jeweler some cash so you can make more.
Give the jeweler some more cash so you level up 🙂

Just deserts.
Discover some places in the Stinging winds.

Keep it rare.

Lair of the Lacuni. Normal and Cooperative.
An event that can be found somewhere in an cave.
The cave is not always there though.

level 20.
Mist the achievement of level 10.. pity..

Not dead yet.
Clicked on ,y party member grave thing and got this.
So good to do 😀

Socket to me.
Just ad a gem to an item.

The bone collector.
Explore the areas in Desolate Sands.

The coven overthrown.
Finaly you can kill Maghda.

The last of the Horadrim.
Act 1 done… woooohooo….

The takedown.
Just kill everything you see.
And you will get it 😀

There will definitely be blood.
Explore the Halls of agony.

Unparalleled splendor.
Explore the Dahlgur oasis.

Hot dogging.
This one was a cheat, I only got 1 dog this way.
But still got the achievement.

Gotta catch them all.
Finaly I got something like this, as I dont play Pokemon 🙂

Today I wass pretty sick.
Probably of hayfever, but couldnt resist just to hobbling around a little bit.

Breaking not so bad.

Spare change.
Just walk around and grab any cash lying on the floor.